November 23 2007 Friday Pescara, Italy Wake Up Club

Damo Suzuki with Alessio D’Onofrio (Guitar), Luca Giovanardi (Guitar, Electronics, Tapes), Lex Luthor (Bass), Umberto Palazzo (Bass, Guitar), Pax (Drums) and Andrea Rovacchi (Piano, Organ, Synths)

Early shuttle bus to airport came a bit late, The promoter brought us ( was together with the guy who going back to Marseille, specially for this show he made travel to his native island) to bus stop. Took airplane to Roma then change to train. Even I don’t understand that much Italian (sound good…but, actually almost nothing…), things went smoothly even after only two hours of sleeping …it’s quite long way.

Train ride was good, many beautiful landscapes changes see some snows on top of mountains. Outside looks very cold not really a friendly weather for me. When I was young I use to live in North…exactly ….in Sweden and was nice to do ski, enjoy cold air …but, when you are getting old, my body needs more warm weather if possible just sun, sun, sun…. Arrival!!!Railway station of Pescara is looks like an airport. Too huge for 120,000 people city Pescara. Umberto, the guy booking shows for Wake Up Club, today’s venue also bassist of the night picked up me from this huge train station told me that this city is beside Latina, Mussolini’s city. went to Hotel then to venue, Local sound carriers are already set up their equipment waiting for me for action when we arrived.

Luca and Andrea, members of my friend band Julie’s Haircut come from Reggio Emillia, I heard they have problem with their van and will be here a bit later. Hope nothing happen with them. It took not that long until they appear. All local sound carriers are wondering what will be happen.. But both guys from Reggio knows what would it be, even they didn’t play their usual instruments.. ….they are going to make a bit noise of toys and effect, they said. Anyway Luca had always find some toy-like-things whenever I see him. He likes to play toys beside he is very expert on cinema. He runs DVD shop in Reggio and told me once, he wanted be a director of movie, but he is not good enough, so he opened shop.

Like most Italian people have style he has also his own. Reggio/Pescara formation of sound carriers found friends. It’s nice to have two different cities sound carrier on spot. They’re are performing together for first time as well.

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