November 1st 2015 (Sunday)

Photo session with a photographer from Kazakhstan for “Musik Express” He has some project beside photo, filming and music.

I want go to Central Asia one day, I’d always interest in that area. Also, Siberia is interesting after around 50 years.

We had good talk together. I’m living quite same everyday, walking in morning, from 15:00 care services come and put me artificial liquid food, then 7 hours I’m kind of “chained” I’m not mobile, have to stay at home.

Don’t worry! I’ve anything to do always, also I read books, at evening I’ve daily cinema evening. Sometimes friend visit me. Also I’m fascinating soccer fan, I’m supporting three teams (Dortmund, Freiburg and Liverpool).

So, I don’t get bored. Important thing is somehow I make creative adventure, well….I see what I’ll do….

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