November 17 2007 Saturday St. Helens, UK @The Rendezvous

Damo Suzuki with Zukanican: Phil Lucking (Trumpets), James Pagella (Drums, Percussion), Harry Sumnall (Electronics, Percussion) and Tom Sumnall (Bass)

Zukanican is now getting smaller, two members left the band and now they’re four. Zukanican is the band I performed quite often here (I perform on this small town near Liverpool for already three times) and Liverpool. Manchester to here was so short travel, Promoter team picked me up from very small train station (I forget the name) which just one person at cashier, no cafe or bar just platform and empty waiting room, no taxis no bus…..brought me to the venue.

Front of the venue is pub, through pub to the venue with low stage. I had enough time in awful English November day, so I stayed here and begin to drink Jameson, sound man is preparing,Zukanikan is not arrived yet. In typical English Harvest day dark, wet, rain and wind, people lost way to come here…it’s anyway uncomfortable.

It’s very difficult to perform in front of few audience. It’s easy game in front of huge audience like performance at festival. Anyway, it’s skill to perform for few people. Even you can hear their breath. James told me he might come to ATP…..

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