November 14 2007 Wednesday Liverpool, UK The Magnet

Damo Suzuki with Frakture Big Band

Liverpool is partner city of Cologne beside San Francisco, Kyoto, Thessaloniki etc… Maybe for this reason I have always sympathy to Liverpool. Also style, how FC Liverpool play with energy attack front is always interesting, as I am a soccer fan. They remain me Borussia Mönchengladbach in their best time.

Phil, the guy organized this performance also sound carrier tonight picked me up from railway station with his bicycle. It was before noon. I don’t no what was wrong, Hotel was too slow to give me a room. They say until 15:00 I don’t have clean room. So, I walk some blocks to my hungry stomach to full spontaneously purpose get full up…this reason you never find better place. I have been in Liverpool for several times so, I know about city center. Liverpool once had population of 880,000, now it’s around 440,000.

There are many constructions, I guess for European culture capital city next year. Hotel is just 5 minutes to walk to the venue, I performed once…called Magnet. Sound check…..countless sound carriers, very tight on the stage tonight. So, we will go on stage separated to some sets. I found an another Phil, the trumpeter, I performed a couple of times, is member of Zukanican. He will perform with me too.

Later I found live material on YouTube, so you can see/feel what was about with your eyes/ears, Here they are….

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