November 15 2007 Thursday Sheffield, UK @ Bar Abbey

Damo Suzuki with Champion Kickboxer, The Tajalli Vortex and Gated Community.

Since couple of years I have good relationship to Jonny the organizer, sound carrier, label man /Free Noise man) and artist. I performed here around half year before. Seems to be Sheffield has good improvisers scene, Gated community is one of them and Jonny’s The Tajalli Vortex. I performed with both already last time. Jonny arranges improvisers event once in a month at this venue. He is now learning arts and he is exciting to draw paint during my performance with Gated Community, he said. Result you can see front site of my website

I had quite many time painter(s) drawing darling I’, performing. It’s nice to collaborate with artists. Well, all together three sets today. Many of them I met once or more. Gated Community people are discussing at middle of the venue. I met two Japanese students studying English here. I don’t know if they stayed until performance end. Maybe they just saw sound check.

Martin Archer is the guy with sax who mailed me a couple of years ago and performed with me . Last time he wasn’t there for his performance. He perform with Gated Community today. He also has label. There are many sound carriers parted in three formation. If there are many sound carriers, already warm at sound check.

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