November 13 2015 (Friday) 

I’m an enthusiastic football fan, but not really for national team. Even so, I watched at France against Germany at Stade de France through TV live. Around 16 minutes later, first explosion, then after two times.

Halftime French president and clew went out, never come back. What’s happened? In 2nd half moderator of the sport program informed, there were shooting in the city and 18 person died. When game is over (actually, nobody was interested result) visitor run to pitch. Already this time, I knew there was terrorist attack 4, 5 different spots in Paris.

I didn’t continue to see the sport program, changed to News Channel to be informed much information until 3 in the morning I was researching, no I couldn’t Stop to research even through TV, I experienced real time. I felt like 911 and 311, there was some ugly energy going on. More worse when I heard many music lovers are victims of terrorist attack at Bataclan where I performed March 1973. This was a really horror night.

Next day, November 14 2016 (Saturday) late morning, as usual, I did walking. But, this day was very strange. What last night happened was everybody’s talk in town. Many people‚re shocked and seems boneless. During walking, I took the path I never been before. Full of leaves on the path, probably nobody took walk here for many days, even weeks. Leaves on the path was partly my knee high. It’s nice to step on leaves nobody step on it before, it makes fresh crack sound and it’ in Autumn.

After while I step on old roots or something invisible under those leaves , suddenly I fall down. This few seconds of the moment, I fall down was minute long even it was slow motion and I didn’t see myself from my perspective, instead perspective from 3rd person somewhere watching me falling down. Do you got it? I saw myself falling from someone else’s perspective. Even I stand after was very easy like somebody was helping me.

You know I’ve two artificial outputs on my stomach and I’ve no stomach muscle. I, instinctively thought need someone to help me. Normally when I fall down like this it takes me minutes to stand up. I remember once I had strange experience like this in Japan not long ago. We went to Onsen (hot spring) at Izu Peninsula. We walked around 2 hours, we thought. Watch at my pocket watch we’re walking only 20 minutes. But, we felt walking for long, but it wasn’t. It may some spots in this world time is ticking different way?

Anyway it was strange experience today.

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