May 27 2017 (Saturday) Ireland, Dublin @ the Grand Social

Damo Suzuki with Math + Math = Maths

Have you ever experienced, you meet person you find similarity with someone you know? Sometimes from looks (face, dress, taste), and mimic? Sometimes I don’t think there’s more than thousands specifies as I have this experience many times. John is so similar to one I know from Helsinki, his face, height, how he speaks and mimic. Anyway both are very nice friendly men. I feel I know John for since long time. He was a guitarist of Sack, made some hits, you may know them. I asked him if he like to join us, he said he is old. (But, actually he is not) He may come to idea next time perform as one of sound carrier, who knows?

The venue is good for smoker, they have enough smoker’s area almost same size like their concert hall. It’s middle in Dublin. My hotel was quite near, quite far by taxi. Weather was typical Irish, rainfall. Next day John brought me to Airport.

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