June 1 2017 (Thursday) Norway, Oslo @ Revolver

Damo Suzuki with Anthony Barratt (Keys, Electronics), Rasmus Hungnes (Drums),Ted Parsons (Drums), Andreas Hoem Røysum (Guitar), Leon Muraglia (Bass) and Mark Steiner (Electric Guitar, Electric Baritone Guitar)

There stood man with friendly smiles on his face, pick me up from airport. Leon is owner of this sympathy creature occasionally arranges Kosmisch Night in London. I didn’t know Leon has driving license, first time I see him with his car, explain me how expensive to have penalty for wrong parking and he might buy street parking space. So, he is owner of car. He’ll first time father and both Guro and Leon looks extremely happy that I can feel their warm wave flow.

Leon is regular sound carrier in Oslo. He has many good connections, owner of the venue Ben knows him well, Ben arrange Leon as Network curator at this venue. Tonight we have two drummers. One of them is Ted, I knew from last time, is powerful stature, an American, lives here for many years. An another drummer is Rasmus, a friend of Simon Torssell Lerin, has project with his wife Bettina Hvidevold Hystad. Leon and Rasmus supposed to perform with Simon, Bettina and I in Stockholm. Due to wrong flight booking at Festival in Copenhagen, it didn’t happen.

Good amount of people show up for Thursday show. I liked supporting band Mokri with female drummer. Good psychedelic flow, fits good to Network performance. Next day, a break day. Leon & Gure invited me for dinner. Also Rasmus and Karl, friend of Leon join. Leon become first time father and both Guro and Leon look extremely happy that we could feel their warm wave flow. This day I stayed due to Sabbath on Solar/Moon calendar. Honestly I say, I’m not normal condition yet, I need rest and sometimes I need much sleep, my body need it. Also weather outside don’t play a good game. It’s always the best to have accommodation really closer to the venue I perform….even it take only a minutes. Scandinavian ambient hotel. Employee is friendly and young, customer also mainly young people from other part of Europe.

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