March 10 2009 (Tuesday) UK London @ The Windmill

Damo Suzuki with Crumbling Ghost : Donny (Guitar), George (Guitar), John (Guitar), Matt (Drums), Neil (Base) and Shenngy (Drums)

I have been performing at different districts in London. This time, the way brought me to Brixton. Last station of Victoria line. I came to London the day before yesterday. Met as usual Gerald and Sylke. Sylke caught cold and she is not well. In the night Gentano, a talented Italian musician visited us after his recording in studio and he brought one piece to listen. Quite good soft sound. I don’t like to compare to anything, it’s not my duty. He told us he is looking good name for his band.

Afterwards we were listening lots of music, from ethno music to classical music and 60’s British music from P.J.Proby as Gerald met him last night in person. I slept well and enjoy very relaxed afternoon. As usual went to Fish shop and organic food shop whenever I come to Gerald at Crouch End. Brixton…this part of London I’ve never been performing. Once I was here to visit a painter and his studio, that’s all.

Tonight I have performance at quite end of London. London is united of many villages. Each area of London you can find different atmosphere and so does the venue and audience. Maybe this is one of charm London has. City center is quite touristy and trendy people like any other cities in the world, expensive, globalize and kind of superficial which has broken charm and you can read from any tourist book. When I visit the venue I’d never been. I feel London is huge, says Gerald.

The venue has atmosphere, it’s on sidewalk. I came a bit later for sound check than supposed to be, the band was already setted up and soon we can start sound check. Sound was quite loud on the stage, I didn’t be on the stage since Melbourne…10 days, so I’m quite sensitive. Two supporting acts, two females from Asia. First one was a lady with laptop and computer making noise, which was quite amusable. Second set was half Japanese and half English girl Sputoniko! who was singing songs like „Penis song, etc. even she was quite gently and clean looking sort-of-school girl image (if I hope I don’t confuse her). She was nice and friendly quiet while we sit together at merchandising: I escaped from Japan, my parents are mathematics professors and I have to study mathematics which I don’t like to, so I left Japan 5 years ago, said charming girl, she introduced herself. Patricia, a girl from Poland showed up quite early, we had good time, later joined by Gentano and Eva. Gentano brought his friends from Kurdistan. They have now Swedish Passport. They were interested to hear my Swedish,

I told them I was living in Sweden for two winters, lived in Graesmark, Vaermland…nobody knows where is it. even Swedish people. It’s middle of nowhere with population of 50 people that time. Tonight is the day of Champions League, Liverpool against Real Madrid, and Chelsea against Juventus Turin etc…

How about the show? One of guitarists went on the stage with Shingy, the girl with laptop from first set, this time on drums, then I joined, after joined by the band. Audience at the front of stage sit on floor, so audience far from the stage can see us playing, very social orientated people. The venue has one remarkable thing, they had big (living!) black dog on roof. (I don’t know why they do this. But, it’s the Windmill’s trade mark or mascot?) I, Gerald and Amie, Gerald’s photograph friend stayed until club closing time. Outside was so cold. I with wet trousers, wet till underpants…. extreme cold. Gerald and Amy was talking, I sat middle in taxi and almost sleeping. Taxi drive costs lots of money, anyway in London.

There are series of sound scope live documentation as follows:

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