March 11 2009 (Wednesday) UK Leicester @ The Musician

Damo Suzuki with Misterlee (aka Lee Allatson, Drums), Jamie Smith (Electric Guitar, Celtic Baratone Guitar) and Black Carrot: Oliver Betts (Sax, Fender Rhodes, E-Bow Guitar, Basshum Recorder, Percussion, Vocals), Tom Betts (Drums, Percussion, Banal Golf Treatments), Stewart Brackley (Contrabass, Electric Bass, Banduria, High Spanish Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, White-Eyed Fear Intonation), Euan Rodger (Percussion, Live Loops/FX, Vocals, Drums) and Olly Warren (Anti-guitar/Beards)

The man in suits and tie is Tony when he picked me up from station. His outfit, I was not expected. He and his family will be hosts tonight. He asked me if I like to go the venue directly, to go to eat Sushi or to go to his place.

Anyhow I wanted to have a bit relaxed, as last night I couldn’t sleep…. it was full moon.. Full moon affects many people, I’m one of those… Japanese werewolf. Suddenly vibrations are different. It’s best place I can stay tonight, all family was relaxed and friendly atmosphere that cover all their place, feeling like I know them for years.

Tony supports local promoter Ian who brings interesting music in city, he says. So, he’s supporting Ian as service to bring artist at his place since 8 months. They have music room, placed in middle beautiful Harp. And off course lots of music. His wife explained they’re together through music and they love music, their children plays in bands.

At the venue, sound man introduces himself he was at my performance early 70’s when we performed at university. A couple of older people war also visited one of early Network performance (That time I didn’t have ever changing local sound carriers, sound carriers are my friends or one I know already.) with late Michael Karoli. Before show starts Tony arranged take away Sushi. At this point I didn’t claim fake or not.

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