June 30 2017 (Friday) @ Attic, Ahaus, Germany

Damo Suzuki with Analogue Birds : David Bruhn (Drums), Tom Fronza (Didgeridoos, Keys, Percussion, Live-Loops) and Alexander Lipan (Gitarre, Oud, Effekte) also Berthold Elsing (Guitar)

The night before, Berthold, the owner of the venue contacted me to be sure the performance happen tomorrow. „Sure man“, I stay on my words. This show was planned already before my illness, so he had to wait for 4 years…. one Olympic Game long. It’s quite long time if you think 4 years old kid become 8 years old. Thanks for being patient and wait until this day tomorrow. He gave me some information, about the venue, audience and sound carriers. He dropped his sentence unconsciously saying he once was a guitarist in a band, (then my reaction was quickly, middle of his speech) „Do you join us tomorrow?, it’s anyway your venue.“

As I told you sometimes promoter of the show has interest to join the instant band he/she curate. „Why not?“ I said. He wasn’t sure at this moment, we’ll see. Anyway, I had this famous stomach feeling that he plays tomorrow. Before we start for today’s destination, we drove to post office, this was quite important.

Can you remember in last Newsletter I reported that at hotel in Tirana, by accident I packed remote controller of air-condition system? It’s a stupid mistake, once they contacted me on the road when I was already in Zagreb, I was sure and so sure I didn’t have it as I couldn’t find it after check my suits case. Few days I came back from Balkan tour, Elke sorted out my suits case as usually she dose, and she found the controller, blind passage all the way from Albania, So this is why I’m here at post office send it back to origin. Usually Friday afternoon is not the best time to go to post office, short before open the door to weekend. …it must be very busy, I thought. Surprisingly it was empty, my turn came very fast.

I never heard of Ahaus before I got this offer. Checked out the distance and get idea how long it takes by great help from intelligent search engine. It says 1 hour and 40 minutes, my calculation is 2 hours. Somewhere between there are always traffic jam on this Autobahn. Traffic party begun already from inner city of Cologne, it brought us just 30km forward in one hour. Traffic parties are not at only this spot, on the way, we had also in Düsseldorf, then in Oberhausen and later some other spots. We took 3 and half hours!!! Why I had to be exciting with this small thing? You may ask. If you’re being illness and stayed in hospitals for many months, first learn to get information (measurement) of daily solution. Not my tongue taste has been a bit changed. Information I had before I have to experience then I understand of normality. You know what I mean? No, you don’t It’s OK, let’s go further….. I learned : On Friday better go to post office, but not use motorway.

Ahaus is the border to Netherland, a comfortable, peaceful small sleeping city. The venue is fantastic for this area, Berthold and his wife runs music school downstairs too. Young Cologne band joined by a young percussionist and Berthold performed around 90 minutes. I was quite KO….there’re applause I had no condition, but young people want play more and they did and occasionally I joined.

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