August 3 2017 (Thursday) @ The Sound House, Leicester, UK

Damo Suzuki with Cult of Dom Keller + more to be confirmed

As flight departure time is too early in the morning we booked hotel at Düsseldorf Airport. Actually it would be better as we are able for early check-in without stress, drive from Cologne in early morning with not enough sleep with half open eyes, possible meet unexpected situation. And at the hotel we can use wellness, fitness room, swimming pool whatever if we need…very relaxed start, isn’t it?

Woke up at 4:00am. Few guests seems to be same situation like us take early morning flight, sleeping faces meeting at cafe and croissant the hotel serves for early wake up traveller in very silence. Everyone is not quite himself or herself at yet, not much conversation. Unfortunately boarding pass machine is out of order, so we have to stand in long queue. We’re lucky as we came early enough, still after security check we had to hurry up, announcing last call for Birmingham flight. Many empty sheets. I was wondering if I could get all these empty place as huge bed.

Attention! : Skill on this trip : Elke’s THE first experience: left-side drive. It’s an adventure. If you have this experience drive „wrong“ side you know this restless feeling. Hope we don’t meet any bad situation driving this side. We received golden coloured Renault with 4 doors. We’re two older people lost in ocean of technological flood, it took a while to drive from car park. I as a co-pilot I have to keep my head, keep saying you’re on left traffic, it’s miles not kilometre. Elke use to drive gear circuit, just seldom use automatic. We have enough handy caps.

We start drive slowly, but carefully on to public road. Birmingham airport to Leicester is just one-hour drive, we took a double, even more, drive to wrong direction, especially difficult is at roundabout. It must be seen like slap slip movie with comical soundtrack. Put all our luggage at hotel near the venue just 3 minutes to walk. We like to be free from permanent concentration and rest from adventure drive on wrong side. When I came back from the hotel, Elke was not at merchandising table, She is outside escaping from loudness of supporting band.

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