August 4 2017 (Friday) @Cluny2, Newcastle, UK

Damo Suzuki with Behold A Pale Horse and friends

Drive to Newcastle took way too long, get out from Leicester city centre took unnecessary time, we went wrong direction, and we’re too slow to react navigation system.

Anyhow we arrived in Newcastle, first to the hotel then to the venue again and again driving mistake fluted. The hotel was full of young Chinese people just arrived with group tour bus. Receptionist was from Pakistan. I don’t feel it’s in middle of England. It was for our sight so complicated to reach the venue, it took 10 minutes. As usually we went wrong direction, you know this is with navigation system. I told you above: we’re two older people lost in ocean of technological flute. The venue placed at interesting spot beside river. Didn’t perform in this city for quite a long time.

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