June 13 2017 (Tuesday) Greece, Athens @ Kyttaro

Damo Suzuki with Chickn : Angelos (Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bagpipe, Synthesizers, String Machine, Semi-Modular Synthesis, Electroacoustic/Acousmatic Synthesis), Axios (Bass), Chris (String Machine, Electric Guitar), Haris (Percussion, Electric Guitar), Kostas (Percussion), Mark (Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar), Pantelis (Drums, Percussion) and Stephanos (Drums/ Avant Garde, Free Form)


I must be one of very few people, never saw/visited Akropolis or Parthenon, the attraction, not only Athens, it’s world attraction once-in-life-have-to-see kind of thing for many people. These historical objects ,I’d never see even I’d been here for 5 or 6 times. Now a days I don’t like to visit places that is something to do with authority/power or religion in history. I think everybody can imagine those ancient buildings even you’d never been in Athens, it’s clear like a photo in your brain. Anyway I don’t like this world heritage or Michelin restaurant guide kind of things, I hate to be guided, informed to go to these places (touristy), also I don’t trust in any kind of UN (authority/power) organisations and this private arrogant I’d say, better-eat-your-tyres-instead- from- you-offered-steak restaurant guide book from just a tyre company. I like to experience my own, good restaurants also I can find by accident during walk (this is amazing moment, but good target is quite seldom), mainly I’m patient enough, have enough time as I don’t do much touristy thing. For travel, I like to be in nature, eat good local food (Germans say : older peoples sex is food.) visit art museum, go to market (it’s one of best place, you may smell living standard, meet local people and local fresh products), visit football games if there’s any and just walk around without particularly destination to enjoy atmosphere of the place.

My last performance was in Stavanger far north, after Stavanger I visit my friend Tim & Sally in San Sebastian, contrast to Athens is radical, San Sebastian had no advertising, therefore relax and no stress. Strangely, I went to a Turkey restaurant at lunchtime, I couldn’t find a reasonable Greek restaurant near by and I have too much time to sound check. But, I should say, it was good choice. Worse I lost the way back to Hotel. I performed in this venue already years ago, I don’t know if they changed owner, atmosphere is totally difference. That time I felt of much of an art space, now seems to be a heavy metal kind of venue as I can see from posters hanging there. Indeed there was something I didn’t like front of stage, an adverting of some thing to do with dark symbol or so. Luckily I’m not able to read Greek. So, we hide this anyhow. This is one of thing I get agreement from local promoter : advertising must be nothing to do with dark and Satanism sort of thing.. Not only atmosphere had been changed, size of the venue is (I feel) much smaller. As I mentioned above last show was in Stavanger. I performed with nice people of “Kitchen Orchestra” and I perform tonight with nice people of “Chicken”. A sound a bit strange coincidence, I guess.

After the show I spoke to a photograph, during show very tight beside stage, he reported me, he was sometimes forgetting to shoot as he was much more listening and not miss this moment. A good start of good tour! Next day, flow to Thessaloniki. Chris : Promoter of both Greece shows. I performed more Thessaloniki than Athens, also when my kids are small, this city was a transit to Chalkidiki where we had summer holiday. So I have feeling familiar to this city a bit. That time middle of 80’s I joined few days local fishermen (father and son team, by accident we became friend) boat, lobster fishing in Aegean Sea while my kids are playing with other kids in summer holiday hotel. If fisherman found an octopus in net, they catch it. Octopus is very quick, foot to first head following from back, a fish man son take quickly his knife from his waist, stick into octopus head. Dry octopus on roof of cabin for few days, later enjoy with Ouzo (local anis spirits). This is the smells of my summer, a taste of summer stay in my brain. It must be large amount of heavy metal fans here in Greece, often see young guys wear in satanic, dark imaged tees. Many venues main customers group is heavy metal fans, they have undoubtedly something in the venue or outfit. At first I was supposed to perform in another venue, but changed to this venue. I told to sound carriers my opinion about this dark image, they understood what I meant, late at the performance, we made peaceful music so the venue turn a bit something lighting. While world/system is dark enough, better to bring lightness in this world, right?

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