January 28 2008 Monday Basel, Switzerland @ Hirscheneck

Damo Suzuki with Popiro and Phased: Michael Guellinger (Bass), Marco Lehtinen (Drums), Narco Papiro (Synth) and Chris Sigdell (Vocal, Guitar)

Basel is very famous for it’s chemical industry. 3rd biggest city in Switzerland after Zurich and Geneve. The city settle up both left and right banks of Rhine. It’s on three country corner, France, Germany and Switzerland. This international Geo situation was also with formation of sound carriers tonight. all four members are from Sweden, Norway, Italy and Switzerland.

In fact there is many immigrant family here. The guy who performed as supporting art, he lives in Amsterdam with his girlfriend from Finland. They come at first to the venue and I thought they will perform with me. Seems to be many Scandinavian people are living here. Climate and living standards are quite similar to their home countries. Switzerland and Norway has most high level of living standard in the world. Even now a days many Germans changed their settlement move to Switzerland. Specially medicine, doctors and any academic class people.

Four sound carriers had never instant composed in front of audience, they said and they’re looking forward to this evening show. Monday show is something not promoters likes to do. It may be geographic fortune place like here Basel. Many young people showed up. Also some of faces I know in audience. They promised me to come whenever I perform at this part of Switzerland. They brought their friends.

My accommodation tonight is at this venue upstairs. When I left venue (mostly I leave latest) still there were some people drinking and dancing. Upstairs ……tonight nobody, just me at upstairs. From window I watch at night sky and I slept slowly down. Maron, who runs this venue, came exactly in time like he said for breakfast…and he told me one interesting thing that this house is spooky, some bands who stayed here saw ghost and not for few times…many times. Did you feel OK?…..hey,hey,hey……

Phased website, you may find review in German

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