February 8 2008 Friday Wesel, Germany @ Jugendzentrum Karo

Damo Suzuki with Zeitloop: Carsten Eckermann (Bass), Chris Toyota (Guitar, Loops, Synthesizer), Nikolaus Maaß (Drums) and Josef Wenninghoff (Guitar)

Since a couple of years, I didn’t perform with Zeitloop, also they have new bassist. Today is easy travel day by car. When I arrived already Nikolaus the drummer was there.

Wesel is small city near Essen, Duisburg and population of about 60,000. 45 km to border to Netherlands. Not something special. Just one of those Germany cities, most people go to work in big city and come back in the night…a kind of bed town. I have never performed in this city.

Chris running booking agent and now he is father. Josef is the only guy who is not living at Cologne area. They are getting better and 70’s like music is coming out.

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