February 16 2008 Saturday Horbat, Australia @ the Brisbane Hotel

Damo Suzuki with Mat Anderson (Bass), Scot Cotterell (Electronics), Leigh Hobba (Sax), Reggie Norris (Guitar) and Matt Warren (Drums)

Australia is very far…..this time was really really so far. My flight from Dusseldorf had delay for 3 hours, landed at Heathrow airport….. out of schedule. So, I missed connecting flight to Melbourne. I had to overnight in Hotel near Heathrow and wake up early to get stand by for next plane to Melbourne. The guy called Hans from Dortmund, Germany, told me he was at my performance, also missed his flight to Hongkong, early next morning we met at airport again…told me he had to sleep in airport.

I had to stay in Hotel without my suitcase…so, Airflight office gave me all those stuff you need , soap, toothbrush, tooth pasta, etc packed in small plastic bag…it was stress…because British Airway’s office was closed at that Terminal and I had to go to an another terminal by train, after through customs, very late in the night. Next day fortunately I found a seat for next flight to Melbourne but via Hongkong. First time at Hongkong’s new airport…I have been a lots of times in Hongkong…this time only for transit. There you can use wireless without any charge. It was necessary to contact Tim in Melbourne that I come late. That’s good thing, this wireless stuff…but, what’s about electric smog?

Late night I arrived in Melbourne. My suitcase was missing. I had strange feeling when I found flight at Heathrow, I asked the woman at check-in where is my suitcase? She answered me…. No worries we bring your suitcase safely to Melbourne. 7th intense. So, I had to live for a couple of days without my suitcase….no change underpants or socks in middle of summer time….. Tim and Sally, my ever hosts in Melbourne lent me their son Henrys Jeans, T shirt and socks. He is getting big and he don’t need it anymore.

Only short stay in Melbourne …around 7 hours…..took plane to Hobart. I had been here in 2004, but this time for performance. Yey!!! Weather was really great late summer weather sun is shining …landscapes are in bright. Last time I was here, weather was dark and rainy even it was beginning of January, middle of summer and it was cold.

Hosts Matt and Sally picked me up from airport. Matt I met last year in Melbourne, Sally I didn’t see her since 2004. They both are artists and Matt performs this time with me for first time. Even we know us each other for quite a long time. Supporting artist Red Whyte, we know each other and his wife are doing Tasmania tour.

In audience was Tony. Has taxis..he invited me for trip next day to Mount Wellington, Airwalk, and Huon Valley. Astonishing at Mount Wellington was, even there is touristic place at top, they don’t have restaurant, cafe or souvenir shops…that’s great thing here. No commercial stuff. Tony is motorbike freak, own Italian motorbike…it’s best place to live if you’re motor biker. This landscapes and roads are perfect made for biker. He loves Tasmania, when he found plastic bottle or odds on path he collect them and keep tidy. If everyone in the world is like him …world is so clean. Respect!!! I cannot stand higher than 160 cm which is my height. Tony took after to Airwalk, It was horrible feeling on long bridge you can see down through bridge. I had not enough time to see landscape….it’s kind of nightmare walk on that bridge…. I don’t mind to fly, because it’s moving to direction. But, if I have to go with my own foot…it’s difference. I remember when I was first time in Australia Gunther took me to Blue Mountain, there I felt same like today.

Then drive to Huon Valley…..I had appointment at radio, so had to back to Matt and Sally’s house. Matt came along to 2 hours Can/Damo Special radio program. Moderator was Nobi from Aachen, Germany since 1974 he is living here with his Tassie wife, he met in Germany during her mission house to house as Jehovah’s Witness…. Nobi was a football player. During music is going on Nobi talk to me why I’m not Jehovah’s witness anymore and this. was nice afternoon. His companion at studio, a young guy is also JW. If you go to Australia…it’s nice to be on beach or some other touristic attractions…but, I recommend to go to Tasmania, they have four areas which is belongs to world nature heritage. It’s amazing place…Wild Nature pure. Tasmania has most clean air and water in the world!!!…I was informed.

Visual report :
Sally’s report : http://twosmallrabbits.livejournal.com/

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