February 19 2008 Tuesday Melbourne, Australia @ Toff

Damo Suzuki with the Holy Soul: Jon Hunter (Guitar), Trent Marden (Guitar), Pete Newman (Laptop), Kate Wilson (Drums) and Sam Worrad (Bass)

Tim has building at Swanston Street 252, middle of Melbourne. In this building you can find most popular pub in this 4 million metropol called “Cookies” (I was really surprised when I found on floor, barrels of “Kölsch”- Beer from Cologne “Gaffel”) ..a great pub with thousands of assortment from all over the world, Sally, his wife’s book and CD shop, Boutiques, Karate school and roof top is an open air cinema with bar. last year April he opened “Toff” the venue with fine restaurant, cooking material they use come by plane long way from Italy day after day. And at this building, I stay whole my Melbourne stay every year since 2004 at Tim and Sally’s etage (They have one daughter and son….and two dogs.)

They have great kitchen, so I cook here during my stay and sometimes friends and friend’s friend are coming and enjoy “Damo’s Kitchen”..soul food. Best place to go for me is Queen Victoria Market. Just few block from here. There I buy fresh fishes, organic Vegs and meat and just nice to walk around…it’s huge market. I can reach museums, Federation Square in few steps from here….it’s really middle of the city. Mel is one of my home and nice to be here in European winter time (then here is summer!!!!) it’s big city …but, people seems to have no stress, many baskets on the street and the city has atmosphere. Off course they have tram!!!

This time, I found Australian tour is kind of spiritual tour. I perform tonight with the Holy Soul and next Mel performance is together with Hi God people and It’s so fucking great be alive. also last few days I made radio show with a Jehovah’s Witness. The Holy Soul is based in Sydney, I performed with them two times..first time together in Mel at Tim’s “Toff”. This is organized by Oren, is organizing every week show here called Maximum Arousal series, an experimental music event. I met his wife Naomi with her new born baby on elevator. First time at this venue, Tim invited some of his friends.

Before show starts we sat at Toff Restaurant for small yummys …was really summer day. Tim put some mattress at very closer area to stage, that everyone can relax. Also stage has curtain..it’s better than without. Feel much intimate with sound carriers I perform with before start. One crazy girl came on stage when still curtain’s closed and talked to me. Soon, she brought her boyfriend as well.

Since three years I had not performed with the Holy Soul …they changed member as well. Drums is now female drummer…. Kate and new guitarist Jon. Supporting Band Blank Realm comes from Brisbane and some of them performed with me a couple of years ago in their hometown. Some Japanese are in audience. I found the face I know, she was at my concert in Chikyuuya. Tim made big enough backstage room. He made really nice venue which is really friendly to sound carriers. When he had this idea to make his venue, a couple of years ago he asked me for advice I as sound carrier.

And he made it really comfortable, friendly atmosphere place…….

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