February 22 2008 Friday Sydney, Australia @ The Annandale

Damo Suzuki with Andrew Gaddow (Moog), Peter Newman, Phil Williams (Tapes) and the Holy Soul: Jon Hunter (Guitar), Trent Marden (Guitar), Kate Wilson (Drums) and Sam Worrad (Bass)

First time, I take off Melbourne – Sydney by car. Which takes something like 8 hours, people say. Yesterday, I, Jon, Trent and Kate took on ride, Jon as driver. Rest of the Holy Soul went already they have to work this day or something.. Tim once told me it’s quite boring to drive this route, you see almost nothing. Yes, I can remember this It was my first trip to Australia we met in Sydney, he and Henry, their son went back to Mel by car, I, Sally and Ales, their daughter by plane.

Anyway, we planned to stay at Motel on half way. This was city called Holbrook, mark of the city is black long submarine middle of city park. Some say it’s not real one made out of wood..some one say it’s real one. Anyway you cannot miss it almost at middle of nowhere on highway No.1. Driving in Australia is feel like very slow and at this area not that much traffic. More transporters.

We were hungry at middle of the night..but, we found nothing. So, first we did next day as going to get breakfast. Actually Tim was right…landscapes were quite boring until around 200 km to Sydney. It had been changed to green color dominated landscape… We dropped Trent at his parents place, then we had appointment with Gunther, my German friend, German bumerang master on the way. Gunther lives around 50 km outside of Sydney, in very quiet place with his wife Brigit. Took rest and he brought me to the venue. Today we had two supporting bands. The drone heavy band and Tex Parkins, who remind me of Frank Kollges in Cologne, a conductor for improvisation orchestra. So as Tex is conductor of big orchestra, improvise experimental which two members of the Holy Soul joined.

The night was really hot, spoke with many people after the show. Some girls wanted hug and kiss me…(This is good part!!!)

Review of the show :

I stayed two more day at Gunther & Birgit place and I cooked for them, 3 courses veg menus, Gunther is vegetarian and also new learned cheese fondue. We made a bit of touristic as well nearby.

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