January 26 2008 Saturday Martigny, Switzerland @ Les Caves du Manoir

Damo Suzuki with Xavier Amor (Keyboards, Electronics), François Chabbey (Guitar), Stéphane Loup (Guitar, Vocal) and Guido Wiss (Drums)

Where is snow? This is the first question I had to give myself when I entered in Switzerland, expecting white dreamy snow world in mid-January…Middle in winter. After around 7 hours from Cologne by train….three changes in Basel, Bern, Visp then arrived finally in Martingny. All Switzerland through from window there few snow…even you can see here world is getting warm…….global warming. Martigny is quite closer to Italy. Small town, I guess most economical stuff is tourism..specially in winter time.

This season is so less snow you have to go higher than 1,500m meter from sea level to walk, to ski on natural snow. This area of Switzerland is gourmet temple. Franz List, Goethe were here and enjoyed foods. Even Hannibal with 37 elephant was here when they attacked Roma at around 200BC…humm quite a long ago.

I found it very peaceful here. A young guy picked me up from tinny railway station and brought me to Hotel…a very quiet hotel in middle of the city. Concert organizer Balthazar had been at Network performance in Geneva a couple of years before and he invited me…when I get invitation… Martingny?..I never heard of this town also invitation is in winter time…In Switzerland!!!…Am I able to survive there? Is there any people who has interest in my kinda music? When I come to the venue found this was not necessary thought. Some young people are working and they brought me drinks and snacks…. Most western countries, now a days, no smoke at public place. Switzerland is not so…

Sound Carriers showed up a bit later. Most of my shows I’m earliest person to come to venue. …there are many reasons. I’m traveling, so I have enough time. link to transport arrival time. Sound carriers have mainly their regular job, they come from far etc, etc. Also I’m kind of easy person like to be in venue and wait for people. Next day, a break day, continued stay here rather than to travel to city.

First time I enjoyed Cheese Fondue (Maybe some of you know this is Swiss specialty), sound carriers and some friend brought me to domestic restaurant and this was really enjoyable and yummy! Yes, in restaurant you cannot smoke even here in Switzerland…maybe this is better so. Smells of smoke is disgusting when you are eating.

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