January 19 2008 Saturday Cavriago, Italy @ Calamita

Damo Suzuki with Nazim Communale (Piano), Francesco Donadello (Drums), Enrico Fontanelli (Synth, Electronic), Luca Giovanardi (Guitar, Electronics), Olivier Manchion (Bass), Jukka Reverberi (Guitar, Electronics), Luca Rossi (Bass) and Giulio C. Vetrone (Guitar)

Last night I stayed at Luca and Ricci in Reggio. Today’s performance at Cavriago is few cat step from Reggio Emilia. I woke up quite late, it was already noon. Ricci wrote note that she will come and pick me up as both has appointment with Luca’s parent.

They made appointment at the restaurant which is closer to both. I was once there at that amazing restaurant, that time mother of Luca invited us. His parents were already there I see Mr.Giovanardi, the world business man for first time. Food here is really great…I forget the name of the place…I have to ask Luca next time I see…maybe end of this year. After the lunch Luca brought me to Olivier, with whom we release half of double CD HollyAris, he is calm French smart guy married with Italian lady…he really looks like French with his big nose settle in middle of face. Once I said to him or he find his joke if he is as Jean Paul Belmond…I didn’t see him for two years, in between he is proud father of Matthiew. He seems to be not good to sleep like every young parents and take care of his small cute son. Very relaxed afternoon…

The venue Calamita, I performed once a couple of years ago, last time with whole members of Julli’s Haircut. This time selection of sound carriers curated by Luca…Including Olivier.

Review & Photos: http://www.calamita.net/damo.html

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