January 18 2008 Friday Bologna, Italy @ Locomotiv

Damo Suzuki with Francesco Donadello (Drums, Synths), Luca Giovanardi (Guitar, Synths, Tapes, Effects), Olivier Manchion (Bass) and Andrea Scarfone (Guitar, Effects)

I have been here quite often for transit. Bologna is very old city and had oldest university in Italy, probably oldest one in Europe. Strange there was a bit hassle at airport even I flown from Sicily…within Italy….a civil security guard checked flight ticket and my baggage. Also small dog was sniffing my perfume.

Arrive early, had enough time to take walk in this old beautiful interesting city. Young friendly guy (Sorry I forget your name) attend me brought Lunch, where normal Italian people meet..no tourist place I mean. So, real Italian atmosphere. Everywhere else too,but specially in Italy to be in such place like here you have to have local guide.

Then He brought me to radio interview which reporter promised me to talk about I am doing NOW and further. He put on turntable a piece from Italian sound carrier friend Zu. He had only my old pieces from early 70’s.

The venue is quite new opened. Scaffo and Luka both Julis Haircut Joined.

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