January 17 2009 (Saturday) Italy Guspini @ Sleepwalkers

Damo Suzuki with Fabio Cerina (Baritone guitar, Bass guitar), Laura Farneti (Synth and Samples), Andrea Ferrari (Guitar), Valter Gosamo (Drums and Saxophone), Manuel Lain (Guitar) and Mirko Santoru (Trumpet and Clarinet)

I was in deep sea diving for pearl. I slept like respectable rock with moor sleeping for hundreds of years. When I back from trip, it was already 9am. Xabier brought me to Linate airport (Milan has two airport, this is smaller than Malpenza, an another airport) Edward explained me last night the flight company is terrible, they just sent him SMS to inform the flight he booked for Sunday has been canceled. And he had to take Monday flight, which is not good for him, he has appointment. Same airline, I take today.

At Cagliari airport, after baggage claim find the economic teacher at college I see Fabio, an economic teacher at college after baggage reclaim I cannot imagine we didn’t see us for a year. Time fly so quickly…feel like I saw him a couple of weeks before. He was a little handicapped to walk from his Kunfu training. I forgot I have interview this afternoon, after Grappa we went to radio for interview. A couple of young people at the studio, listen to my words translated by Fabio.

Then Drive to Guspini…Sleepwalker. It’s very difficult to find it if you’re not local..it placed at middle of nowhere. Just middle in Agra tourism. No, neighborhood, no houses, no police..The venue stands alone, surrounded by nature ..They have own garden and parking place. Two years before I performed here for first time and that was first time in Sardinia. Last time was even open-air festival, tonight is inner room. This time of the year even in Sardinia a bit cold, which is no compare with Middle Europe. Fabio told me people here come so late…we will start from 00:30. I don’t know from where all those come from but, lots of people inside, everybody seems to be very relaxed. We performed two sets.

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