January 18 2009 (Sunday) Italy Milan @ TROK!

Damo Suzuki with Maurizio Abate (Guitar), Christian Calcagnile (Drums), Xabier Iriondo (Guitar), Maikko (Effects) and Nino (Turntables) http://www.trok.it/

Now a days very difficult to find public telephone, generally people has a cell or two. I travel without and I will never be owner. Cell or normal house telephone, just I don’t like telephone. People who spoke with me on wire will never have long talk with me. So, that’s why for me not understandable, some talk hours and hours, even at party. Maybe at least once in a year, it may be necessary for emergency for me..But, I don’t miss this tool at all.

Xabier wanted me to call when I arrive beautiful and very gorgeous central station of Milan and he will pick me up. It was not easy to find public telephone, took a while. They’re stands very shy placing invisible at unattractive part of the station. (In front of Police) Flight to Malpenza, then shuttle bus to Milan Central, I did it many times and this is routine thing. Somehow, I feel quite at home here where I have good friends. I must have cuisine that is a singer at opera, I tried to find her, no success. Maybe it’s good so, I met her may be only once in my life, may be I’ve never see her, I don’t know.

Milan has lots of contracture at the moment, preparing for Expo 2015. The venue is alternative scene Milan’s, quite a ruin. Xabier, Valencia and I are there for sound check, it took a while for. You know, everywhere I go, I don’t know many people, and even I don’t know who will be Network sound carrier tonight.

Anyway there is fireplace at the middle of the venue. Some people are standing in front of fire, it’s necessary at the place like here, and also yesterday I was in Sardinia. I feel much colder if you come from south. Here is alternative scene, drinks are really cheap (I don’t talk about quality) also they had home made food after sound check.

One of guy at the fireplace was an old African guy in traditional West African dashiki. In West Africa is taboo to ask old man about his age. I’m sure he is far younger than me. I thought he belongs to supporting band. But, after I found he is an immigrant and poor. So, he is hanging around here to get some food and drink. Promoter was happy as it was full, much more than he was expected.

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