January 17 2008 Thursday Palermo, Italy @ I Candelai

Damo Suzuki with Nicola Giunta (Electronics, Casiotone, Bass guitar, Acoustic guitar, etc), Pietro La Rocca (Guitar, Clarinet, Drums) and Salvo Rizzo (Electronics, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Samples, Voice, Objects)

Even this time of the year I was expecting sun once I come to very southern part of Europe like here ….Sicily. I was wishing to get a bit of sunshine… No, hope whole day raining seems to be endless. Just around two hours flight from Cologne I landed at airport. Girlfriend of Giovanni pick me up from airport. Palermo was city of Mafia, was once most dangerous city in Europe, beginning of 80’s of last century every third day one person killed. Now criminal statistic changed better way and now rank 15 in Italy through initiative by politicians, artists and citizen. Palermo is 5th largest city Italians and end station of Berlin – Palermo railway line.

I come here for very first time (I was willing to come here once, now finally!!!) First I went to the venue. The hotel is near to the venue, in old town with narrow street, small family atmosphere one, I was tired from early flight and also weather is miserable, I took rest for a couple of hours…but, there is construction at the hotel, even loud music in headphone doesn’t help, so actually it was not really comfortable to take rest. Anyway it was best thing I could do even I was curious about the city. Rain was just hard rain.

The venue was until 20 years ago brothel, now is art space. High to ceiling. I never have been in brothel, first experience. Local sound carriers comes a bit reserved, after sound check everybody was comfortable. At the show found young people.

Photo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/v_/2204484538/sizes/o/

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