January 16 2009 (Friday) Italy Reggio Emilia @ Officina Delle Arti

Damo Suzuki with Xabier Iriondo (Taisyou Koto, effects) and French Doctors: Edward Perraud (Drums), Sébastien Borgho (Guitar, Electronics), Nicolas Marmin (Bass, Electronics) and Olivier Manchion (Guitar, Bass, Electronics)

To visit Italy is such a fun….good foods, drinks, culture, girls, history, life-style….except politic and mafia…they’re colour of my taste. Arrived in Bologna airport, found there Davide, arranged the show, a free concert at the art space. Davide and I have to wait around an hour at the airport for Edward, the drummer from Paris.

Davide asked me for drink at bar…without any second to wait my voice made „Grappa!!” I do like this sort of snaps like Tequilla, Vodka, and Aquavit strong transparent drinks. Edward!!!…Father of two daughters came from Paris. Around 30 minutes drive we arrived the venue.

Today is my birthday. It’s not bad idea to make performance on own birthday. Good personal new year begin, see many sound carriers friends at once even we perform tonight together. Also I haven’t been performing for almost a month. Hungry to perform.

French Doctor is one of bands, I have good relationship. Unfortunately Franq is not able to join us tonight. Instead Xabier came from Milan and joined us. Luca and Ricci visited me before show start. Ricci is a pregnant, so she cannot stay long. Opening performed by excellent drummer Charles Hayward solo. I performed with him last time..not long ago in Birmingham. After the show all together enjoyed good Italian food…everything was tasty and this is worth to be in Italy. Concert organizer brought birthday cake with number 59 (after 30 I forgot to count..man, time is melting so quickly). So beautiful decorated colorful fruits cake.

Tomorrow, I have to go to Sardinia, My flight is from Milan so I joined Xabier, Nick and Valencia. When we arrived Xabier’s house, I was really tired. Just I have to go to bed…..anyway already 5 o’clock in the morning. Visual :

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