February 26 2009 (Thursday) Australia Hobart @ The Brisbane Hotel

Damo Suzuki with Scot Cotterell (Electronics), Leigh Hobba (Sax, Clarinet) Tim Panaretos (Electric Bazouki), Lisa Rime (Bass), Julian Teakle (Guitar), Matt Warren (Drums)

I arrived Hobart already two days before the performing day. My friend taxi driver Tony wanted to show his island has been sending me some information by mail. Tasmania…. cleanest air and water in this planet. As I heard there is plan to transport this water to Victoria by pipeline.

Sound carrier and organizer of Hobart show Matt and his wife Sally picked me up from airport as usual. Wait!!!, this time is a bit different. Matt is now philosophy professor. (I know him around 10 years, but, I didn’t know he was studying Philosophy) Congratulations! He’s a visual artist as I know him and also as a drummer. Now professor of philosophy! This time here is much warmer than three times I visited before. It’s just like the summer I know.

Next day I had appointment with Tony at café just on the corner from Matt and Sally’s. Tony is a biker, he loves Tasmania, and last year he brought me to Mount Wellington, Airwalks and some other places. He has new plan this time, I will see. More into Tasmania, he was meaning in his mail. Back in nature program final destination Strathgordon. If I had more time, he could arrange three days trip with canoe and some other adventure. Weather is quite good for driving …Will be just good trip. A Silent island. At the end of the world. Through some tiny village, We stop at Upper Florentine Valley where around 30 nature-love-people are staying there protecting against road fortifications which kills hundreds of old heritage trees and it’s Mammoth-Dinosaurs-living -like fantastic ambient.

Some of members are set themselves on part of tall trees protecting Road fortifications cut trees, built some brocades. Sometimes people from the city come and join them. I spoke with friendly young guy with rasta hair from Kent, UK. He is an activist. He showed us the area, which was really fantastic path into like-non-human-area of this planet. Amazing place. There were positive energy and I got such an amazing feeling, exactly.. This ambient and people here gave me energy. There are such people who really love nature and want keep this planet how it is for next generation to next generation, In fact nature exist far long years than we exists. We came here as stranger. We have no right to destroy even bit of them.

Then back to the roads again. Through forest, small river, you are middle of nature. I understand now Tony wanted go with bike (He has special machine, made in Italy) and he was happy to lend me one of his other machines. I’m not a rider, have no license even I never drive bike. Tasmania is really great place for biker. Perfect place for Tony. Tony now is learning twice a week at English teacher course. When this finish in few months. He is able to be a teacher abroad. I know many English tongue people doing this. He’d never been out of Australia, most far place he ever went was West Australia and he loves Tasmania best in the world.

There are some people I met they never traveled much but, they love their local the best. I know some friends in Norway, Switzerland, and Austria. All places with beautiful nature. At final destination Strathgordon ends this road (Gordon River Road). Strathgordon is kind of touristy place with their dams on Lake Pedder and Lake Gordon. Lake Pedder is artificial lake, this form exists since 1972. It was hydro program to flood original lake. If Tony didn’t say this is artificial lake I never thought this is. Place for meditation. So quiet even in touristy season now.

We went for lunch the restaurant near by, huge saloon with view and just few people. When we back to Hobart, I felt Hobart is a big city.

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