February 28 2009 (Saturday) Australia Melbourne @ Noise Bar

Damo Suzuki with Eat This: Evan Flux (Bass & Vocals), Holle Forster (Drums) and Yuki (guitar)

Yesterday, directly after landing at airport, Evan and I went to interview at Triple R radio station picked up by Evan’s attractive girlfriend, has old timer car from around 50’s. I guess I had been here once a couple of years ago. Last show in Australia for a while.

Next year at this period I would like to go to West Africa. Have been there for a couple of times. Dry and Hot, places are best against gout. And I was feeling good there. Sound check at 3:30PM, as last act have to be there as first to sound check. Everything is easy, sound check has been delay. Good weather for a glass of beer, which I had to avoid. I don’t like to get worse with gout as I fly back to Germany the day after tomorrow.

Tonight is a kind of festival, before our performance I’ve enough time to hanging around. The venue is in Brunswick, a little far from city center. Art center kind of venue. Oh, how long I was there. From load-in time, everything changes very slowly. It’s doesn’t matter sit on bank bathing sun, weather is perfect summer day with bit breeze. Melbourne changes the weather quite quickly. Sometime in the night you need sweater even in summer time. But, today seems to be perfect summer.

Audience came slowly, around midnight a lots amount of people at every part of the venue. Quite enough amounts of people came to this one-day festival.

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