February 15 2009 (Sunday) Australia Melbourne @ Toff

Damo Suzuki with the Holy Soul: Jon Hunter (Guitar), Trent Marden (Guitar), Pete Newman (Laptop), Kate Wilson (Drums) and Sam Worrad (Bass)

I don’t know why I become Gout often here in Australia, is it for humid? I’m not drinking that much (everyone has different measurement). Anyway I go to West Africa instead, next year. High temperature and Dry climate are good for Gout. Also I love Sahara. I know as I traveled West Africa for a couple of times. That was weather I feel comfortable from bone to brain even you feel quite stoned from heat. It’s true when you get older talking too much from sickness and you get much more sick. So forget about.

My sound carrier friend Oren had regularly his program at Toff called “Maximum Arousal”. He invited me to perform at this program, also he arranged cameraman to document series of “Maximum Arousal” Backing band is Holy Soul, just week ago, performed together in Sydney.

Supporting band is the Kits, I performed on same stage in London, last December. This venue is easiest venue I ever had, as I’m living in same building at 5th floor at Tim and Sally’s, the venue is 2nd floor. Even I can reach the venue through back door stair steps. D

ays in Melbourne is very comfortable, also I’m resting myself here. Tim and Sally is really nice people. They have two children, Ales and Henri. This time I saw Henri for very short time as he study at internat. Mainly I go to Queen Victoria market quite often after mailbox check and some works in my room, back side of the building. Good summer weather, change weather quickly, hottest period I missed this year. Many tragic story with bush fire captured all newspapers, donation here and there, young people organized charity concerts for victim of bush fire.

My room is very quiet and different world, when I come down to street….Swanston street is one of Main Street in the city and it’s so near to Chinatown. Full of people after people in hot street. Many Asian people, some times you doubt, if we’re in Tokyo, Singapore or Hong Kong….But, people here are very relaxed even they talk quite loud. 4 million people in Melbourne and relaxed city centre. It’s surely nice spot if you like to live.

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