February 13 2009 (Friday) Australia Adelaide @ Edinburgh Castle

Damo Suzuki with Tim Freeman (Percussion), Juliet Hunter (Violin), Ryan Manolakis (Drums), Patrick Saracino (Bass), Paul Turnbull (Sax) and Daniel Varricchio (Guitar)

Adelaide has population of one million, a small Melbourne with Mediterranean temperature. So, automatically Italian and Greek people draw much of population here. Daniel and Patrick (Their family comes also from Italy) picked me up from airport and drove direct to their domicile. Old Mediterranean style house (guess from early last century), high to ceiling, cool room temperature and nice veranda, grapes are hanging presents shadow on table and their vegetable garden with Eggplant, Pumpkin, Tomato …and Fig tree…. They know my kitchen from last year . So, I have to open „Damo’sKitchen”..For this reason, Maybe this is one of reason I stay here a bit longer than last. So, I didn’t’ t find space for sight seeing on my timetable.

Anyway I’m not really touristy person, I feel much interesting to eat drink and something else together with local people. Even play darts, chess or poker…. Exchange with local people has much part on my trip and it is good so, as this is my special experience and know much deeper about country. Also I like “by accident” more than plan. Accident is very personal and own challenge and experience. I’m really happy to know many people and have many friends everywhere. This is my opportunity people treat me as one of their family and long time friend.

Adelaide has also nice market, Daniel and I went for shopping foods. Strange, not that much fish shops…anyway today we wanted to make some vegetarian food as Daniel’s girlfriend, a dancer son will be in London is vegetarian. Today is performance day between sound check and show time, we have plenty time, so I decide to cook food at break.

At the venue there are veranda at 2nd floor, we had very relaxed and comfortable night before/after show enjoying good breeze, day time heat was forgotten. Even temperature was cool……and I feel my old friend Gout is coming up and say me take care I’m here!!!!!.. Oh, It will be heard next days, or weeks……..

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