5 Replies to “Early July”

  1. I’m so happy to see you looking good! You’ve made my day! Be powerful and strong as you always were and please if you can use cannabis oil to get well! 😉

    1. Zare,
      thanks for your message
      I know it’s good for anything.
      I was talking about that with my friend last night,
      To get that one, I have to go to Amsterdam.
      So long I feel not safety with my stoma, I’m not able to do this. Maybe someone can bring it to me…..


  2. Hello Damo
    I am just listening again to Seattle 1999 CD and thinking of you.
    I hope that life is treating you kindly.
    Thank you for so much great music
    Helen x

    1. Good Morning, Helen!

      Thanks for your message,
      Didn’t listen to „Seattle“ for long time.
      I may hear it today.
      I’m on good way.


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