December 9 2008 (Tuesday) Germany Offenbach @ KJK Sandgasse

Damo Suzuki with the Whole: Member (Bass, Electronics), Stolle (Guitar, Electronics) and Christian Wolf (Drums, Electronics)

Whole is getting one of my permanent band. Whenever I perform around Frankfurt, they appear as regular sound carrier band if it’s necessary. They are trio. They explained me that they didn’t perform together for a while. Member now lives with amount of musician together and he feels good. Member and Stolle are playing together for decade, there is chemistry between both of them. So, they have an another project together.

Stolle is not from Frankfurt, he lives in Karlsruhe around 1 and half hour drive by car. Tomorrow I perform there. Christian has some side project, at this stage he performs with Samba band. To perform with Whole is easy thing. Even I didn’t perform with them for a year, it’s sound like we were in rehearsing room for long time together preparing pieces. They perform psychedelic music. I have to say this kind of sounds is actually my nature. When I perform here, light shows are arranged, every time performed by Kosmik Klaus and Andreas from Knittingen. They make fantastic light show and they made a couple of times with Whole and my performances and others. Michel Koch is nice intelligent guy who books concerts here at this venue and some social arrangement for young people. He is very social, explained me that he has project with 200 young terrible teenies making music together to get them on better social. And now he have more kids and he had to separate two groups. Now 400 kids join Michaels project. I think he do great job.

I perform here for three times. All those above mentioned positive people together nothing negative things will happen. Already sound check was fantastic, even we can play further. Just wait for audience, drink sparking wine….and relax. In Germany there is not that much followers for this sort of music. Many German rock bands from 70’s has problem to arrange shows in own land…..including myself. But, tonight I had better feeling then I saw some people showed up slowly filled up the space. “..and this time “Michael said, he made much announcement about the performance. Now here is result. It’s nice to perform at least this amount of people.

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