December 9 2007 Sunday Minehead, UK @ All Tomorrow’s Parties

Damo Suzuki with Casper (Cello), Kid Million (Drums) and Fuzz Against Junk: Paul Allen (Electric Guitar, Audio Generator), Ian Green (6 &12 String Guitars), Billy Fuller (Bass), Keith Bailey (Drums & Percussion), Aaron Hawkins (Soprano & Alto Sax, Flute) and Tom (Percussion)

December 6 2007, left early from San Diego airport drop off by Tommy and Len. Hardest trip begun. Even I thought to order wheel chair, but I decided I try without. Trip with Wheel chair will be too much stress, I have not that much experience control wheel chair. My next destination : UK via Chicago. All together 15 hours.

Waiting for connecting flight was this day feeling very long like never ending. As usual North Atlantic flight was not comfortable, it’s shakes, twist, however…some times like rodeo..I’m not kind of person who is able to sleep in plane at such a situation anyway. At Heathrow, Gerald and Sylke were waiting for me. Specially at this kind of situation, it’s really great someone pick up you from airport. Barry, the organizer of All Tomorrow’s Parties booked van to Minehead. Europe is already December 8 2007, first day of one of most interesting festival begins. For all three days here I ordered wheelchair.

It was terrible weather, wet, rain, windy and cold….it’s typical for England, at this time of the year, this is picture of England…also dark. I share chalet with Gerald and Sylke. One of good things at this festival is everyone has own chalet with bathroom and small kitchen. Sylke brought many foods and they’re going to buy fish tomorrow. They brought even Cava…but, better I keep away from alcohol. Even I was tired and hardly sick, I went venues and watch at bands. Unfortunately I couldn’t see some bands who performed early afternoon. Gerald is a photograph and he knows a lots of bands from London, Chrome Hoof is one of the band he has contact. They asked me if I like to join their set.. This kind of situation I’m yes sayer. Then see you later at backstage. Sylke sometimes, Gerald sometimes pushed my wheelchair. Terrible thing was go with this upstairs, sometimes elevator was not working and I have to walk up with my painful foots. I found in myself at this stage disable person..who is helpless. Also if you’re sitting on wheelchair, sight is difference than normal days. You can see from different perspective. Feel so small now. Visitors asking me what’s the matter with you Damo? Are you able to perform? (or are you acting?) ….I met friends like Oren from Melbourne and other many sound carriers around who introduced me I performed with you so and so years before or I intend to perform with you one day. It was really astonishing how many people I spoke with. Oren has his performance here tomorrow, this is one of show I have to be. I know Oren for since 5 years, but I never seen his solo live. I performed with him many times he as a drummer or as a guitarist. I never seen him as solo artist. Also Oneida from NYC, with two members I performed just a month before in Knitting Factory..I wanted see.

Casper and Matthiew are persons who was working for ATP film team, they are French, sure with this nice French accent English, they are going to film me during festival for ATP documentation. Casper told me, he is a cellist and fortunately he has his cello with him…so, I asked him if he join us for Network performance on Sunday. This year I perform with Fuzz against Junk from Bristol. They had own show on Friday. This years curator Portishead invited me as last minutes and they want me and Fuzz against Junk perform. I have good friendship with Ian, the guitarist, he was many times host while I performed in Bristol. Everybody from Chrome Hoof dressed in silver, space age costume, some has mask on …even they had costume for me, if you like you can use this. I’m so tiny person, this in their norm. I looked like in silver potato sack in universe..anyway it’s their show, better people don’t realize me on the stage. Girls in silver costume dancing, energy packed exciting show is going. one of them told me I had to go to stage. So, I woke up from wheelchair and joined them for 5 minutes or so…exciting number.

After show some people come and told me it was really exciting and looking forward to my show the day after tomorrow. Humm…I might made good for my performance. One of the guy I met and spend the time with was John Cooper Clark. skinniest person I ever seen….really like a pencil. Funny and friendly guy, told me of recently he was in Australia and I heard from many people from you, about Mark E Smith, his friend. Gerald is friend of John, we were quite together. Casper and Matthiew wanted make interview with me late in the night while I was sitting together with Ian and other friends Patricia and Alex drinking just water at the smallest venue. It was not that easy to find where is silence that they can record.

Normally I’m not the person with thousands of words. This day I was talking so much about my life, experiences, philosophy and way of life. They were happy to talk with me, after they brought me back to the table Patricia, Dave and Ian placed.

The performing day: Performance with Funk against Junk plus special guest Casper (Cello) and Kid Million from Oneida..It’s a big band, Two drummers cutting rhythms, sound was huge….

To get image of our performance:

…it was final for 2007. Had many performances and happy year—hope I can keep this…….Never Ending Tour!!!!!

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