December 7 2008 (Sunday) UK London @ Bardens Boudoir

UK London @ Bardens Boudoir Damo Suzuki with Makoto Kawabata (Guitar)

We arrived London, had hours to relax, and went to Gerald and Sylke.. The venue is quite complicated to reach from Crouch End, not good connection and have to walk some blocks. I’ve been performing here few times. This performance is remarkable as the club owner thought Makoto and I perform as duet and didn’t invite sound carriers at all, even not guitar amplifier for Makoto.

We start to walk on the stage, equipment was almost loaded. We should get at least guitar amplifier for Makoto. Anyhow we managed two members of Kits, an Australian band from Melbourne, now based in London, joined us spontaneously (I will meet them in two months in Melbourne)and Glyn, the flute player. I sat at merchandising spot, Shingai from Noisette said me hello but, I didn’t recognise her as she changed a lot. (Another hairstyle!) She joined Network performance in Aberdeen a couple of year before. A

ll members of Bo Ningen, London based Japanese band. Everybody of the band is so skinny…like sticks (“Bo” in Japanese), “Ningen” means human being. You can imagine 4 (young) Japanese John Cooper Clarks.

After the show as usual took taxi to Crouch End, sat at their kitchen, drink and relaxing for a while. But, I slept almost none, as I had to take my flight to get 1st train to Stanstead from Tottenham Hales. So, I didn’t have time (they’re sleeping) to say good-bye to three of them. It was short and nice trip with Makoto, an excellent guitarist. He said some days before, He is getting taste of creating time and space of the moment with ever changing local sound carriers, unfortunately it was too short……

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