December 05 2007 Wednesday San Diego, CA, USA @ Che Cafe

Damo Suzuki with Dan (Guitar), Len Del Rio (Percussion), Tommy Grenas (Guitar), Rafter Roberts (Electronics), Andy Roubillard (Drums) and Zach (Cocktail drums)

Tommy and Len drove me to San Diego. They will perform together with San Diego Network. I was laying at back seat try to sleep. If you have gout, impossible to sleep in the night. In the Night pain attack you harder. Today I have much pain and if I think next one week I have to keep on travel, it’s really like hell. This pain don’t let you sleep. you can imagine of hard toothache..but, it’s much more horrible, Because, with toothache you can walk. Hum…how shall I traveling alone?

When we arrived the venue, there were three FBI men with dog. One at the venue informed us there was call that someone put bomb somewhere in or around the venue. Terrorist? Panic? Supporting band comes and later San Diego sound carriers..we’re quite early there as we thought we cannot get there in time for traffic jam. Always better early than late, it’s my policy, you can do anything, look around, you can read book as well. Anyway for me it doesn’t matter with this pain. Everywhere I go this unfriendly solution bite me.

San Diego is so closer to Mexico, Many people in audience were from Mexico. They asked me when I will perform in Mexico? Humm…it’s interesting to perform there , but, I have almost no contact. After show we stayed at one of sound carriers place, small after show party until late. I have to wake up early tomorrow, so I tried to sleep.

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