August 13 2017 (Sunday) @The Exchange, Bristol, UK

Damo Suzuki with The Dave Perry Trio and Very Special guest: Angelo Bruschini (guitar)

Arrived early as expected, we had a bit time for expedition. 

That’s good as mainly I travel between venue and hotel, no touristy program at all now a day. I’m not a fan of tourism, I just like to experience local THING. We ‘re looking for place to eat for late lunch.

We found St.Nicholas Market as not so far from our hotel, (where for wrong parking we had to pay unnecessary money next day.) The Market is just place I like to be. Many foods and drinks in and beside street of the church. There’s a shop serving fresh pressed juice. In travelling we were taking less vitamin, so we bought fresh pressed pineapple parsley mix as I remember when I was in Mexico I had this often. Fresh fruit juice gives me fresh and a wake, also clean, and positive energy is filling up my body everywhere. We found many interesting place for eat. Colourful variation of foods. Offer is too many, so very difficult to decide to select where we go for late lunch. Most places were busy at this time, also too many people. We want have a comfortable and relax place. Keep walk down to riverside.

Then we found a chain fish restaurant near by. We and few couples were there, we ordered and taste wine and seafood dish and off course oyster……the world stop to keeping around, very silence, soft BG music, we stayed longer that we expected. So we had to be in the venue for sound check….but, it was really good start

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