August 10 2017 (Thursday) @The Poly, Falmouth, UK

Damo Suzuki with Mildred Maude : Matt Ashdown (Guitar), Louie Newlands (Drums) and Lee Wade (Bass) and the Orchestra of Public Noise :(part of the co:noise participatory project to join Mildred Maude half way through the concert ).

It will include ‘noise stations’ for the audience to use with help from 2 musicians: Martin Pease (guitar sounds and general use of ‘noise stations’, guidance for the public), Seamus Constance (general use of ‘noise stations’, guidance for the public) and Audience members (general use of ‘noise stations’) The noise stations are likely to be: a) Typewriter + reverb b) Springs attached to a wooden box to create vibrations when hit + reverb/delay c) Guitar drones all tuned to two notes + reverb/delay and a swell pedal d) Handmade single string low bass drone + violin bow and effects e) Glockenspiel limited to 2 or 3 notes + freeze pedal for gentle sustaining of notes

Local guitarist Matt contacted me for this concert at Southwest of England. From my taste one of nicest region in England. There Are many fish restaurants for tourists, price is off course tourist price as usual at this kind of place and quality of food wasn’t witnessed from the costs. Maybe chef is in Love. I’m quite same to Japanese opinion about Fish cooking. It’s mainly from my DNA. Fish is best to eat raw or grill, if caught same day, fresh fish. If it’s not raw enough (2nd day) then for example, cook with soya sauce, mirin, rice wine, a bit sugar with slices of ginger, add water…make broth, fish swim in it. When this fish is not fresh enough for raw/grill or cooking (3rd day), then fry in oil.

What I had on dish is a fried one as there wasn’t any other choice at this fish restaurant (they serves also meat) I’m not fond of fried thing if they taste too much of flours not from material and so oily. I only accept if this is good tempura value. I have to tell, good Tempura is another category at specialist, and they fry with different oil temperature and change oil often to fresh ones. So, it wasn’t amazed, but I was expecting like this at touristy spot anywhere in the world.

Some sound carrier told me, this area is quite far from everywhere, and so concert is not so often happen here. Bands/artists from other part of UK don’t come this part for performing, 1) distance 2) less population here, to get reasonable amount of audience and 3) more importantly financial matter. So, people were happy to visit this show, 2nd stage : musicians from audience spring on the stage and performed together. Some asked me after the show if I make always like this? …….Noop.

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