April 8 2007 (Sunday) UK London @ Luminaire

Damo Suzuki with Booger Red, Maya Sapone, Voice Of The Seven Woods,Wolf People

Andy, who organised first Network performance in Manchester few years ago, a DJ of tonight and friend of Malcolm picked me up from railway station St.Pancras. Manchester Gig perform on stage with Malcolm was his arrangement.

Today is it’s second act in London. As I had show fixed in London on April 2nd avoid to put my name on flyer/poster just as a special guest but, there was my photo from early 70’s beside Malcolm. After drink a couple of Guinness (I like black beer but, I prefer wine) with Malcolm, his wife, Andy and some friends we went to venue. There Maya, who will duo with me for first time and her boyfriend, Gerlad and Sylke were waiting for me and already a lots of sound carriers, sure there was a lots of sound carriers perform tonight…a kind of small festival atmosphere.

Maya was good way motivated and sound check with her was already good. I feel she is my daughter (if I could have…I have 3 sons, so I wished at least one daughter)….She is classical studied opera singer and improviser (She runs improvisation course in London)

Everybody enjoyed the performance as after performance some females hug me miss me…But, it’s nice… people act emotional from instant composing.

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