April 12 2007 (Thursday) Russia Moscow @ 16 Tons

Damo Suzuki with Safety Magic : Nazar Amanov (Violin), Mickael Avsharov (Bass), Andrey Romanika (Drums), Sergey Nebolsin (Percussion), Dan Lerman (Tres-Guitar), Arcadiy Marto (Electronics, Sampling, Calimba), Oleg Marjakhin (Saxophones), Peter Nikulin (Digeridoo), Oleg Pankratov (Guitar)

Before first performance day, I had two free days in Moscow. I spend a lots of time with my friend Boris and Katja. They don’t speak any language which I understand. So, they speak always with me Russian. I know them since four years, every time I come to Moscow I stay at their place which is in the city. Boris loves soccer (Manchester United Fan) so as I do (SC Freiburg Fan). We watch together world soccer in TV almost whole day drink vodka with some friends and also some members of Saftey Magic who invited me to perform 2 concerts in Moscow and one in St.Petersburg.

My last show with them here they recorded live and now they release CD “Voices” with four different singers..one is with me and it’s called “Highway Retrospection”  Boris showed me paintings, he bought from an Belarus artist. Even he asked me if I would like to perform in Belarus…there is nothing really happen. Anyway he likes all four paintings so much and he likes to keep it for himself than to sale anybody else. It’s very original styled painting and original…not so bad.

Moscow is the city of charm (dream like buildings and many beautiful girls), many cars and loud. The day before yesterday I arrived, almost from airport to the city traffic Jam, took around one hour or more. An another singer on “Voices” Inna picked me up from airport..pass control took quite a long around one hour. Since two years I had never been here..so, everything is kind of nostalgia. Anyway Russia is very special, rich in culture, history and many different folks. Foods here are amazing, Boris and Katja took me to Baku, Azerbaijan Restaurant, this place we were last time too. Funny thing on that day was beside our table there were around twenty people from mode business and they were showing season’s ladys hut collection. And some attraction, opera singer, pop singer and folk singer on Karaoke…some times tape doesn’t work..it was amazing to see them like film of Fellini. Boris said this is not everyday like this.

Next day Boris and Katja invited me to (Boris informed me) the best restaurant in Moscow “Pushikin”..really a fantastic restaurant foods are great, service by communicative pretty lady was great and also this old furnitures and tables, chairs, mirrors..it’s has all their worth makes together this nice atmosphere.

After a couple of appetizer and Soup I had great fish dish. I have small digital camera with me on tour. Mostly I shoot foods specially in country with gourmet. I don’t take much photos of people, one reason is that I will have problem and other reason is I will see them again if they’re my friend …..there is always next time. But, food? In case I come here again I would like to try other good things too. Dan, the guitarist of the band took me to Red Square by Metro….might be most beautiful Metro stations in the world. So, super de lux like palats…there are many figures.

Also went to Passha house out side Moscow, entrance to this luxury area has own security guard, he runs trans music label and own studio in Goa, India as well…he just came back from Goa a couple of days before. He’s friend of the band. Two days of relax and being tourist, first performance at 16 Tons…I performed here once at very my very Russia tour. This was “Voices” festival and very long night. Musicians who involved in Safety Magic’s release “Voices” performed. Only 40 minutes of performance with Safety Magic, they are changing members often. Some old faces I know, they were fine and nice evening………

There was one old man in Backstage..Old man? I’m old too..but, As far as I cannot see myself always I don’t think I’m old anyway. It was pity we couldn’t take any conversation as there was no language which connect us together. He is throat singer from Tuva. Nikolay Oorzhak. I’m long time since like this music and some times also in Buenos Aires I performed with throat singing (and elsewhere). But, they were Argentina. He was a very silence person……was invited for “Voices” festival. Sure without Tuva throat singing it’s meaningless in Russia what “Voices” means. His performance was great and this first time I hear original.

End of the performance I see Boris smiling and his is really happy.

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