April 13 2007 (Friday) Russia Moscow @ Dom

Damo Suzuki with Safety Magic : Mickael Avsharov (Bass), Sergey Nebolsin (Drums), Dan Lerman (Tres-Guitar), Arcadiy Marto (Electronics, Sampling, Calimba), Oleg Marjakhin (Saxophones), Peter Nikulin (Digeridoo), Oleg Pankratov (Guitar), Pavel Novikov (Tabula, Dorbuk, Bansuri)

Boris and Katja went to Ukraine for business, so Dan picked me up and I stayed for a while at Pashha’s office. First he brought me to his own cafeteria to take breakfast, he said he was waiting for me. I said since in Russia I drink too much and I feel dizzy..then, he served me vodka with a lots of pepper a small spoon full of it and wait until all pepper stay bottom of glass…this is good for that feeling I do always he said…I didn’t believe but, I tried for his kind service…I said it’s horrible!!!…..then after he showed me slide show and music he recorded in Goa.

The venue is an art space, I perform here for second time, venue with chair…nice and friendly people working here. It’s special atmosphere Today’s performance is just with Safety Magic..but, a bit change in member compare to last night. Nazar, the smiling violinist is not and Sergey plays drum instead 2 meter and more length giant drummer Andrey. (He was there for watching the show, second set he was banging table.)

Sergey is small one like me. He was a cook even win award, cooked for political party functioners..unfortunately I had no chance to try his cooking art. We had enough time to create time and space of the moment and audience get in trance. Before performance I had nice speak with Russian music paper man for interviews at the venue upstairs. As everytime move to St.Petersburg took this time night train.

They say it’s quite boring to travel this stretch at day time. Pashha and his assistant joined without any information without suitcase to travelling band (Do they have ticket?). I understand why they like to travel in the night for an another reason. There was vodka is going around and we had quite long but, quite a short sleeping night…Everybody drink a lots here. I might lay down for minutes..everybody in good mood. As I look back since I’m in Russia I drunk quite a lots.

In restaurant with Boris after every dish Vodka after Vodka. But, they have really good quality vodka which is impossible to buy in west. Good quality stuff they keep it for themself. French does too their great sortment of great wine….

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