April 14 2007 (Saturday) Russia St.Petersburg @ Maina

Damo Suzuki and Nikolay Oorzhak (Throat Sing) with Safety Magic : Michael Avsharov (Bass), Igor Rozanov (Percussion), Sergey Nebilsin (Drums), Dan Lerman (Tres-Guitar), Oleg Marjakhin (Saxophones), Peter Nikulin (Digeridoo), Oleg Pankratov (Guitar), Pavel Novikov (Tabula, Dorbuk, Bansuri)

Arrived around 8 O’clock in the morning. I cannot remember but it was light, just cold and I’am tired. St.Petersburg is one of my favorite cities in Europa beside Barcelona. Has own atmosphere, yes second big city in land has kind of feeling I like..has much culture (I don’t say Moscow has less) I mean..Barcelona, Melbourne, Osaka, Hamburg, Edinburgh…they are much more interesting than largest city of their land.

I heard once around 80 percent of land’s budget flew to Moscow and rest 20 percent share with all other part of Russia. You may see everything from west if you go to shopping in Moscow. But, very very expensive. For example men’s suits from So and so famous Europe brand costs enormus high, many Russian’s comes to Europe for shopping trip (even very expensive here) and go back with flight.

All inclusive Flight, Hotel, Shopping still it’s much cheaper to be in Europe. I don’t know this is true..but, I heard from some people. One say Moscow is most expensive city in the world nowadays. Well. let’s back to beautiful city St.Petersburg. We took bus to the venue we play tonight..first we picked up (An another) Katja, who sometimes organise my shows in Russia like last time. I know her since my first tour in Russia.

The venue is kind of night club atmosphere, quite large space. Katja took me to Sasha who will be my host for next two days. He is editor of news paper. he has collection of percussion instruments (He is percussionist and even he traveled to other places in the world with his music as well) also I saw some skins for Djembe which is preparing in his bathroom also he has hundreds of Whisky collection here and there..some in his treasure wooden box. He asked me if I like to taste some of them. I explained that before I drunk whisky and I loved it but, now I’m not that fun of Whisky ..even fine ones like he has.

Afterwhile I asked him if he can join our show the day after tomorrow as Djembe drummer. He was a bit surprised but, soon he found his answer…he will come with his instruments. The night was so long..this was same festival like in Moscow’s first performance. I had only 40 minutes performance but, there were many “voices” on run before my turn. Was alone in dressing room for quite long time. Tuva throat singer/shaman Nikolay asked me if he would make duet with me. Sure it’s welcomed good idea…perform together with one of my favorite etheno music Tuva throat singer.

He asked me after concert if it was OK…I said it’s always OK. I am awaken to travel to Tuva in near future. After concert one young guy asked me if he can join with his Djembe on Monday. I say why not then see you on monday.

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