April 16 2007 (Monday) Russia St.Petersburg @ Orlandina Club

(1st Set) Damo Suzuki with Aleksei Degusarov (Guitar), Aleksandr Leonov (Singing Saw, Folk Winds), Roman Nevele (Bass), Mikhail Ogorodov (Keyboards), Nikolay Rubanov (Sax) and Katerina Sidrova (Drums) (2nd Set) Above members, Andrew Lavrenenko (Djembe), Sergei (Djembe), and Aleksandr Vahivskiy (Djembe)

Normally, when I have a day off I will make a bit tourism. Yesterday I slept so long and when I wake up it was already around one o’clock afternoon. So, time was too late to visit Hermitage..a one of best known museum in the world. I had been there for one time and it’s really huge. In case you see all things they own (even including things they don’t show temporary) and in case if you take a minute to see each of them…..it’s take twenty years (!!!) ..I don’t know this is true…

I remember one of my Russian friend told me. So I was planned to visit there again….But, I was not able. Since I’m in Russia I drink quite a lots of this good vodka everyday. All part of my body seems to be salendered by vodka. Anyway Sasha invited Katja and some of his friends whom I know from several visits here in Peters for dinner. Sasha, his friend and I went to Market to buy fish and vegetables. Sasha said he can smoke fish at home and he is good with this business, So, there is no another answer ..I like to try homemade smoked fish and I will make soup and salad.

In market was funny, a woman was shouting when she saw me. “Orange from Columbia with bit of cocaine!”or some stand still and just watch at me very curious if they see one from an another planet. I like markets, to be there is just interesting,,one in Barcelona is great..my winter headquarter Melbourne has great market too Queen Victoria Market where I visit almost every day. It’s something really living. I was happy to have company that evening and cook for them. They are really enjoyed my foods as well. Sassha’s smoked fish was great too. Sure, there was again this vodka!!

Today I met Richard, an sound carrier friends from Austria, unfortunately he has gig at different venue in Peters with his project. He is really friendly guy, he moved to here a couple of years ago because of his sweet Russian lady. We went same Restaurant like the day before yesterday, Katja and Sasha took me. I found that place like Russia you can eat good is even Chinese Restaurant, taste much better than one in most western countries. They make chinese food with Russian flavor..and it’s really taste good even normal restaurant like here…always there is pretty girl serving. Was really pleased to meet Richard again and we promised in near future we make performance together again, he went for sound check.

Orlandina club is first time to perform. It’s on Monday. Some people were so friendly buy me vodka. Like the day before yesterday Sergey, manager of Aykton, a well known Russian band was there with his wife. Katja played drums. Nikolay the Sax player of Aykton has been performed with me many times….(even there is interesting live video with him from my very first Peters show) he is still old fox on his instrument.

Second set we sent three Djembes on the stage, Sasha brought his friend and young guy from the day before yesterday. Then other sound carriers went on stage. The stage was really full. With rhythm of percussion audience get into trans. There was one unit of energy in the room.

After this I took train back to Moscow. this time I was traveling alone. This is first time ever I travel alone with sleeping wagon in Russia. (Wait…I did it already in year 1968) Every cabin on sleeping wagon had four beds like youth hostel both side one lower and higher. This time no vodka…I’m not interesting to drink alone anyway. Alcohol is social drink. In Cabin there were 2 males, 1 female and me. Nobody spork anything and dark. I bought Russian Sushi at station…which was not really bad..rather good than many fake Sushi in another countries. Satisfied stomach and also this is absolutely first time since I’m in Russia being alone. so tiredness ruled my body. I went quite soon to sleep deeply..when I woke up train stay in silence….I couldn’t believe it’s already Moscow. Even most of people left train already. I heard someone say “Morning, Damo”…it was voice of Dan. We went to Boris’s place..he will back tonight. We’re off course watching soccer in TV. There was an another Manchester United fan.

We went out to get meal….It’s really better than fast food in west they have potato with many different souse. I wished to have potato with caviar…this time I didn’t eat caviar. In black market where you can get better one for cheaer were no caviar at all…. Boris and Katya came back from Kiev, then after we went to Japanese Restaurant.Boris means I have to try Russian Japanese food and I have to tell him if this would be Japanese food. Off course they didn’t have Uronhai also no Japanese rice snaps. But, taste there were not so bad. Better than I thought anyway. I ordered different things..but, one Sushi.Nigiri Sushi with “Black Gold”…Caviar.

Next day I had to wake up early in the morning to catch air plane, Katya and two other friends brought me to airport. Goodbye Russia for a while, this time also I enjoyed being here and perform with Russian sound carriers. My flight was not direct flight, via Munich to Cologne. Nowadays, you cannot buy liquid even after security check if you’re not fly directly to your destination since February 13th (I guess) in Europe. So, I could not keep Russian life at home in Germany. No, tasty good Vodka for home.

In Munich at security control even they wanted to keep Caviar, I bought at airport Moscow but, it’s not black gold,,it’s red one. “What is this” security woman asked me “It’s caviar” She didn’t know if she can keep or not. One security guy shouted We should try it!!” I said, OK, Ok you can do it …but where is champagne?” “OK you can go.…”

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