April 21 2007 (Saturday) Germany Offenbach @ KJK Sandgasse

Damo Suzuki with The Whole: Member (Bass, Electronics), Stolle (Guitar, Electronics) and Christian Wolf (Drums, Electronics)

Offenbach is near to Frankfurt I and Elke drived by car to the venue, around 2 hours drive from Cologne, nice friendly venue. Responsible person at this venue Michel is very worm person. Also the drummer of the band Christian is working here. I performed here two years ago with same band..The Whole. I know bassist of the band Member since beginning of 90’s. He performed with on same stage that time. My band was called Damo Suzuki and friends. They are musically one of few German band who stayed and trust in their music. It’s just pity at the moment in Germany…I can say it’s quite tragic…the band like this who is keen on making good music is not accepted. It was really nice to perform with them again.

Last time we performed together Michael made compilation CD for the venue and our piece called NUMBER ONE. Light show was fantastic Cosmic Klaus who came from Pforzheim, south Germany. I met him two years ago when I performed in Wuerzburg with Mani, Axel from Guru Guru, Mandog Keiichi Miyashita and two other guys.

After show some young people come to our dressing and drink beer and talk together. Very comfortable evening. Stayed as usual Jurgen’s apartment. 

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