April 7 2007 (Saturday) UK Huddersfield @ The Parish

Damo Suzuki with Windowright: Neil Atkinson (Drums), Anthony Smith (Bass, Keyboards) , Matt Littlewood (Guitar/Laptop) and Astral Social Club

Huddersfield placed at geographically middle of Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, even there is possibility to take train in midnight as Manchester international air port transfer goes around the clock… Organiser Ned has been a bit changed, fresh married but, still a very friendly guy picked me up from train station. Relax a while at his place.

Today finally I perform with the Window Right, a local band who has original sound which is not so many young bands has. At the beginning of last year I performed here, they were supporting band and I really liked their live sound.

Also member of them contacted to me sometimes by E mail. I carried their Demo CD around the world for a while. It was funny first time I saw them last year. I said to them : Window Right? …I was surprised, I know your music, I am carrying your Demo CD everywhere . They were surprised too. So, we create time and space of the moment together for first time, also joined by Astral Social Club, a one man experimental band of Niel Campbel. I was informed that Anthony cannot join tonight for any reason….but, he came…

After the performance I was together with bunch of young guys, mainly musician. They like to perform with me too. They said it was something moving in their hearts that they want play together if they could. Huddersfield is small town..but, real music lovers here……

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