April 19 2008 (Saturday) Mexico Oaxaca

Damo Suzuki with Chinos Libres: Brak (Guitar), Bux (Saxophone), IIpsofacto Perez (Bass), Kleiber (Drums) and Mrs. BIAnca (Theremin)

To get out of Mexico City is hard duty. just get out took more than three hours…what a city. Most of the people in the van were tired from last night and sleeping, dreaming and set them somewhere else. Only wake person was beside driver (must be), Richard. Click joined this trip were Carlos, Julian with his girlfriend, Richard and Orlando, who is expert of wrestling, a kind of typical Mexico stuff and they hired van and driver.

It took so long time. around 6 hours of driving…. we arrived there around midnight, could hear loud sound from the venue, Carlos said I can go on stage whenever I am ready and sound you can hear now is the band perform with you tonight. I am creating time and space of the moment, and there is no rehearsal, but I don’t like to miss sound check, This is basis for sound making. This night I had no such time.

Sound on stage was… not must be kind if sound. I heard almost no guitar, drums are not that loud enough. High build-up stage was some time shaking like earthquake feeling like next moment brake down. Anyway 2nd show and last show in  Mexico had done.

Tomorrow is just touristy day….they invited me to go to see pyramid. After show went to street selling Tacos, which was best Tacos I ever had. Its remind me of Japanese „Yatai (Street selling food). This and tequila (here drink man Mescal) is really good combination. Cheap, good taste and good quality….We’re also invited to come to an another venue with DJ music…but, I wanted to have silence more I stayed for not that long and went back to Hotel which has nice Mexican ambient and very comfortable. Hotels foods are very cheap and good next morning (was not interesting to eat breakfast ate already lunch)….Mexican has cool soft drinks…one I had this morning was soo good…green soft drink ….day was already getting hot so this was really fits together like Mexican with Ponchos. One by one of us showed up at Restaurant. as usual group travels, you know. Some of them cannot hide hangover from last night and still moving like zombie.

Anyway we even then went to Pyramids on Mt.Alban….what a place, walking through. you feel souls of ancient, worm wind blows tenderly. This kind of place you can get time traveling. Then sightseeing, Carlos and Orland stayed at hotel, they seems to be very tired and not presence. Rests went to the city by walk and had good time, through market, sit at cafe/bar at square drink dozen of Mescal each and eat snacks, watching people, hear street music and street sounds. nice atmosphere, you might able to imagine of Mexico. Richard who reminds me of my old German friend Miki (strangely both runs venue) has friend here in Oaxaca just opened Mescal bar. It’s tinny place but, what they have is really good quality Mescal, we tried this and that…Oh, I cannot remember how many Mescal I had this night together….may be 20? or more….. Way back Hotel in dark silence street worm wind attend us… Next day, back to Mexico-city. way to Oaxaca I couldn’t see landscape that well as it was already dark. Way back to Mexico City, I enjoyed to see land space which presenting new kinds experience. Mountains are not covered with trees, here covered by meter high cactus. In the night I went out with Julian, he wanted to bring me to good Taco Restaurant…unfortunately, it was closed, so we found alternative near that restaurant which wasn’t that good.

Oh, my days in Mexico are already counted. tomorrow I have to leave here…it was an amazing experience, I can tell to everybody. Carlos, Julian and young sweet guy (sorry I forget your name), who lives in Europe took me to airport. Before, for goodbye we went to restaurant last meal together. To say goodbye is small death. I miss all of them…

Unfortunately KLM canceled my flight, so I had to change my flight instead via Amsterdam, via London with British Airways then to Cologne with Lufthansa. At this point if you did online checking I could go back to Europe much earlier with next flight which was in only 4 hours from canceled KLM flight with Air France via Paris. So, I recommend if you travel far, it make sense to make online checking, if you do you may served as first. If you just come to airport without online checking you are served after. So, I had to stay an another 20 hours in my new favorite country as option. I had good international hotel which is paid by KLM with 2 meals, internet access for free charge. Julian and Richard (who gave me Mescal as souvenir) call me up, Carlos had contact with me too…but, I didn’t go back to the city.

I have to work out many things happened in this few days here in Mexico…….

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