May 2 2008 (Friday) UK Coventry Taylor Johns House

Damo Suzuki with T.B.I.

Sarah, small cute lady who is working at the venue picked me up from Birmingham Airport. Coventry is not so far from this airport. Arrived quite early…enough time ..almost whole day free …due to airplane schedule. So, it wasn’t really matter she showed up herself a bit later at airport.

She brought me to Tinangel, the label she is working too and they have beside shop café. She invited me for a early day Guinness then second one and also small snacks. Rich who runs label and the venue showed up and we went to his place where I stay tonight.

Coventry is most far English city from sea and has population of around three hundred thousands. Coventry had hard attack from Germans during WW2 and most of building here was built after the war, explained me Sarah when we drove through the city. 2nd time I perform here in 8th largest English and 11th largest Britain city.

Supporting band Skeletons from NYC, they are touring Europe for 4 weeks, this is their 7th concerts or so. Then the band I performed with come on the stage and they did their set which is to absolutely another world than my sound making anyway. But, show went well even the band themselves was surprising. I found known-friendly-face there in audience. Hey Ian, what are you doing here?; Ian is a guitarist of Bristol based Fuzz Against Junk, last time we performed together at ATP Festival, last December. While I stay in Bristol, I stay by him. Yeah, I originally come from here….”; Was really nice to meet him not expecting. He was in good mood and he enjoyed the show.

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