Damo Suzuki & The Fume – Superamas (Evolving Show From May 2012 to April 2013)

Suzuki_cover-2Double LP Set
The box includes 4 catalogues of the evolving exhibition “Superamas”

Damo Suzuki and The Fume / Live from Superamas
Recorded live at Centre d’art Neuchâtel, September 21 2012, for the opening of the exhibition Superamas Phase 2: Cerveau Morille.

Sound Carriers:
Christian Addor (DOX2): Keyboards
Laurent Burki: Guitar
Franz Hausammann: Bass
Julien Rousson: Drums
Damo Suzuki: Vocals

Engineered, mastered and produced by David Ashby

Published by Centre d’art Neuchâtel,
rue des Moulins 37 CH-2000 Neuchâtel,

Distributed (and online available) by :
Les Presses du Réel
35 rue Colson
21000 Dijon



2 Replies to “Damo Suzuki & The Fume – Superamas (Evolving Show From May 2012 to April 2013)”

  1. i found this in rough trade in london with minimal information on it, other than this site and the c.a.n. site. What’s the official title of it and is it a can release or a c.a.n. release? was there also a french version of the sleeve released?

    1. Matt,
      Official title is „Damo Suzuki with the Fume / Live from Superamas“
      As you know I’m not a member of that German band since almost half century, it won’t be release by that band.
      C.A.N is accidentally Centre d’art, Neuchâtel.
      This is limited live documentation from when I performed at Centre d’art, Neuchâtel on September 21 2012 with local band Fume. There’s box set with art exhibition book as well.


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