October 13 2017 (Friday) Italy, Milano @ Plazzo Litta

Damo Suzuki with Giovanni Ferraio (Bass), Andrea Belfi (Drums), Enrico Gabrielli (Flute, Sax) and Alessandro “Asso” Stefana (Guitar)

Milano is the city I performed mainly in Italy and still I don’t know much about the city. This performance was a part of Yokohama Festival, its organiser Giuseppe contacted me as my origin is same prefecture as Yokohama, a capital city of Kanagawa. I have few good friends, we planed to stay one more extra day. We’re picked up by elegant high HP limousine to the hotel middle of the city. The venue is just 50m, just opposite street, we can see from our hotel room. As I told I had been here for many times, but I never tried Risotto Milanese. At lunch time we went near by, there’s many restaurants and café at this area, we went to small restaurant on busy street where guests inside is communicative and in good mood. (This is trust able choice in general to find good restaurant.), We took seat on street. Risotto Milanese was just from my expectation, exactly in point. I like Risotto, so I used to make Risotto quite often. Milano is famous mode capital, it’s good for window shopping and we explore off course.

The venue is a fantastic baroque building from 17th century, didn’t open to public since few decades. For concert, it’s first time with this Yokohama festival. 2nd floor is an exhibition space, showing Japanese art prints due to the festival, in courtyard, sheats are prepared for open air concert tonight. Some sound carriers use to perform with P.J.Harvey, my old sound Carrier friend Enrico reported about his recent Japan trip, had heard only positive impressed. Mainly Italian people has interest in Japanese eatery. Similar get best taste from material simply. He was exciting to tell me of what recently he is doing beside spend his talent for musically activity, getting success as a SF writer.

I told him, for SF, as a writer you don’t have to research, everything is fantasy, don’t matter if it’s exists or not, you can write freely, this is good thing. You can go just any kind of direction.
Nothing is wrong from sight of writer. He nicked with shy smile.
The show tonight begun with “Never Ending”, a documentary film by Francesco di Loreto at the space beside the exhibition room at 2nd floor. 2 acts : Performance was just swinging in the air under night sky with stars in courtyard, even in October at this time, still not uncomfortable to sit outside and aumse live composition, if I was in one of visitor I thought like this..
As for appointment, next day lunch, we meet up with Xabier with his new fiance and his pretty daughter Viola, (I know her since her birth almost. She is now seven) and Francesco and a young lady, speaks German at Italian Restaurant off side street.

Dishes are not worth to talk, I guess everybody thought same as we all were prety quiet. (After we fund the Chief wasn’t Italian, by the way)

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