November 23 2008 Sunday Tokyo Hachiouji @ Club Havana

Damo Suzuki with T.B.I.

I had 4 days brakes….one day I visited my old school friend Kaoru, early 70s he visited me in Cologne and after he travel to Ireland, Mrs Murphys farm „Sweetmount So, we have some memories together. Atsugi is city with around two hundred thousands people, when I lived here in 60s there were even not 40,000 found this area. Its a local…but, what is local just 45 minutes to middle of Tokyo, you have everything a big city has.

The city make-uped her face since. All things have been changed, almost impossible to find something memorial from that time. It’s one of all those suburban cities; bed-town has no really original face…an Average city. I spent my childhood here for around 10 years. Kaoru used to run steakhouse, but now he is keep away from his business he says he is not well with health. His steak house was Korean style as you can find many in Japan…but, tasty self-baking on table with much garlic. As he likes to drink with me tonight he let his wife drive to modern pub complex…not really pub ..much like restaurant. I guess we had good time together, this is first time I speak with him café talk this and that since beginning of 70s…

I guess we had good time?…because I cannot remember that night well. I was drinking (I don’t know if he was, probably not as for Japanese he belongs to tall and big..he stands on many drinks than me anyway) after I have to get back to Takazous..I had 2 changes from HonAtsugi to Yaho (Takazous). First station I have to change the train I missed to change…so, I found my self at last station Shinjyuku on Odakyu-line, from there I had to take last train to Tachikawa. Monster city Tokyo has no late night public traffic connection to other parts of Tokyo which is quite strange as many Tokyoer go out in the night, drink and eat, party or theater, everybody have to run for last train. Taxi here is very VERY EXPENSIVE!! …Unfortunately I have to take the most expensive solution as there is no other possibility from Tachikawa to Yaho. Even in Yaho this drunken sailor almost forgot Takazous address, so smiling taxi driver have to check block after block. (Japanese address is counted by block, so even domestic people don’t know from this block address..Europe is much easier, street name and number, even I as stranger in other country I can find it easy.)

Next day I woke up I found not that much money left in my pocket….. Next day, at 5PM I had appointment with guys I met in UFO Club for interview in middle of Tokyo and good suited society place Aoyama, at Spiral. At the stair steps in subway station Omotesandou, grey haired old man lost his conscious break down and brooding this was few steps in front of me within 1 meter for sure. Good many people try to help him even each one of them was quite busy at this time of the day.

Interview guys and photograph wanted me to stay much longer for drinks…but, I had appointment with Keiichi and Takazou. One party to an another party. Sound carrier friend Love-san, and his pals fujioka, Haruta, Hirano and Ohyama found film production team and now they like to start with representations film..and they choose one with me „A day with Damo. Part of this you may find at

They are nice guys and already complete film team in good way. They’re all specialists on this field and earning bread in this business. One day they decided to make production together and seem to be they’re in good chemistry. So, next day we did this shooting…I’m not a good actor even as teenager I visited an actor school for few days. I quit because I had to learn only Japanese language in good and clear way. It was really boring..since then, give up to be a movie star. So, I told them I’m not an actor and Im not good in camera or movie..this is not my world. Anyway they shoot at one small comfortable pub. Then took scene at Hachiouji Station. I come out exit with my suitcase and welcomed by Love-san..this was scene. But, before I had to make-up on very busy living street side near that station. Satomi is a young pretty and ambitioned make-up artist made me two or more dozen years younger face out of me. I had to take scene I come out from exit for few times. So, employee of the station doubt about us and almost calling police…so, we stopped shooting more.

The performance day, film team shoot live performance. After the show we went to Izakaya I’ve been here once in March this year. This place is open until 10AM. So, there are always enough young drunken souls with never-go-to bed attitude, mastering language of zombies. My plane to Sapporo start Haneda airport at 7:40AM, so I had to take very first shuttle bus. All film team and some friends brought me to bus stop, sure they shooted this scene as well.

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