March 8 2008 Saturday Melbourne, Australia @ the Old Bar

Damo Suzuki with T.B.I.

I have a Japanese young sound carrier friend called Yuki, he learns Japanese Religion in University, is living since around 15 years in Mel…since when he was 15 years old. So, he has much Aussie mentality than Japanese from my perspective. He organized this concert and this is 2nd time I perform with him.

The venue is a pub musicians come and meet. Mel has much Asian people..around place I live (it’s also very close to Chinatown) you can imagine like Vancouver, sometimes you cannot realize you’re in Mel…could be in Hong Kong or Singapore or somewhere in Asia. There are three Japanese papers, one of them my another sound carrier friend, Nao is writing about music in Australia and he is expert on keyboard and wrote some books about that music instrument , also he has studio and record shop, is living really middle of music scene. And he will make sound engineering tonight.

Nao is a perfectionist. Sometimes he is DJing as well. Man of many faces in good sense. Both my friends I mentioned are very good in speak English and knows a lots about Aussie mentalities, society and whatever. They live without any handicap here at down under where tonero’s go other way around than Northern hemisphere. So, if I have performance some Japanese young people comes, I don’t know if they enjoy my music.

After the show the guy run the venue presented me their T-shirt. T-shirt, I have quite a lots at home. Every set I need one. I wear quite a lot. Believe me or not, I loose average 4 to 5 Kg after every show. So, take liquid is very important to back to my normal weight. Before it was beer, but now I try to drink just water or if I go to eat then I take noodle soup sort of things to cover my lost substance. After this show nobody goes to my direction …to the city center…so I took cab.

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